Following what now has become a personal tradition, I’ll try to look into my (non-existing) crystal ball to predict three major trends for next year. But before we dive into the 2021 predictions, let’s look how my 2020 predictions turned out, ranking each on a one to five scale.

How accurate were my 2020 predictions?


The Endpoint Security market is a land grab game, as demonstrated by CrowdStrike’s incredible IPO

Yesterday, CrowdStrike rallied more than 70% on its first day of a publicly traded company, closing the day at a whopping $11.5 Billion market cap.

The successful IPO can be attributed to an impressive ARR…

I am going to take again the risk of looking foolish a year from now by predicting three major trends for 2019. But first, let’s look at my 2018 predictions (which turned out to be pretty accurate, so it’s fine if I blow it this time):

2018 predictions

Bitcoin will crash- this…

Amit Karp

Partner @ Bessemer Venture Partners

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